Preserve Our History – Our age or the property age, limited funds and gentrification are erasing representations of African American history in Philadelphia. Help us control this.

Introducing The Society to Preserve Philadelphia African American Assets (SPPAAA) will advocate and act to preserve, maintain ownership and ensure awareness of historic and culturally significant assets (properties, murals, monuments and placards, cemetery, archeological sites and organizations). Help out when you can and be an advocate.

Learn About Properties in Philadelphia

This inventory of 500+ structures includes churches, schools, businesses, homes, clubs, benevolent associations, cemeteries, monuments and more. It’s time to update this list and we have already started. So many important sites are not included. Maybe even yours. Not only does a list like this identify sites that were significant to our history, we can use it to educate others about why these sites require acknowledgement: what happened here, wo lived there, etc. Maybe if you knew the history behind these sites, you would advocate to save them from any hurt, harm or loss.

Attached is the list, contact us with updates, descriptions or sites that should be added.

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