Expenses Are Hard to Handle – Taxes and Water Bills

Taxes and Water Bills. If not paid, it could lead to City liens and sheriff sales.

  • If real estate taxes are not paid as part of a mortgage payment, you must pay them yourselves each year.  The City of Philadelphia has several programs that can reduce your taxes or provide assistance:
    • Tax abatements – ANYONE doing upgrades requiring a permit is eligible for this
    • Homestead exemption
    • Active duty tax credit
    • Tax deferral program
    • Tax installment payment plan
    • Low-income senior tax freeze
    • Owner-occupied payment agreement
    • Nonprofit tax exemption
    • Tax adjustment after catastrophic loss
  • Water is a city service.  As such, if the water bill is not paid it could lead to City liens and sheriff sales.  The Water Revenue Bureau has a few programs to assist you:
    • A one-time grant for up to $5000 for unpaid water bills. 
    • Low-income discounts
    • Senior discounts
    • Payment plans

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